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We LOVE providing win-win solutions for homeowners in the greater Willow Park, TX, area!! We don’t just buy houses… we help people!! We do what’s right and best for families first!

Why Pick Us?

I’m thinking that “Why Not Pick Us” is the better question here! We’re a reputable BBB Accredited business, have 5 star ratings on Google & Facebook and have quite a few testimony videos from REAL folks that have sold us their house (so you can tell that we’re actually real human beings and not random dudes taking advantage of people on the internet!!)


If you want to sell your house to us, we promise to always be fair, to never ever ever take advantage of the misfortunes of others and we will do everything in our power to come to a meeting of the minds that’s a win-win transaction for all involved.


You can always count on us to always be fair, always be honest and always do our best to find the solution that’s right for you and your family. Just give us a call… you’ll see the Big Sky REI difference 🙂

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No Need To Clean!

Sell Your Willow Park, TX, House In As-Is Condition!

Selling a house is a big ordeal in Willow Park, TX, and of itself, so we like to take extra burden off of folks. When you sell your Willow Park, TX, house to Big Sky REI, you never have to clean out the house or make costly repairs. You can take family keepsakes and whatever else you’d like to take with you, but the rest of the stuff you don’t want… you can leave it!


We have seen and bought it all! Houses that were sparkling clean to houses that we needed 3 dumpsters to clear out. 

We aren’t here to judge. Our #1 priority is making sure that you experience the easiest, quickest and simplest home selling process on planet earth.

Big Sky REI

First and foremost, we’re here to serve every single family that we’ve ever helped and ever will help. We care more about making sure your family gets to your next chapter of life above buying your house for an unreasonably low price so we can be greedy and make all this money… NO!! If we aren’t the best fit to help you, we’ll be honest and tell you. And then we’ll connect you with the person or company who IS the best solution for you. (Go ahead and try us on that… call us and if we’re unable to help you, we’ll make good of this promise.

It’s so so so crucial that any service provider, beyond a shadow of a doubt, can prove that they are reliable, credible and, most of all, competent. Let’s be real for a second… it’s pretty darn easy to come across as ‘credible’ with doctored/fake reviews. Not too much effort is needed to do this, so we don’t put all of our effort into ‘tricking’ you into thinking we’re all that and a bad of chips. 


Instead, we decided to be ourselves: natural, funny, honest and kind. This all comes back to our Golden Rule as a company: Treat others the way you want to be treated.We believe that people experience that Golden Rule of ours through ACTION… meaning that the way we act, communicate, speak and, ultimately, treat you will always reflect what we believe. 

If you want to see some real life examples of folks we’ve helped, go check out our testimonies/reviews page