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Who Is Big Sky Rei?

Big Sky REI is a home buying company in Willow Park, TX, that specializes in buying houses quickly, for cash and on YOUR timeline!

We aren’t real estate agents, so we aren’t listing your home on the market… we’re actually the ones purchasing your home from you, which cuts out the middleman of an agent altogether (and saves you thousands of dollars). 

If you’re wanting or needing to sell your house fast in Willow Park, TX, Big Sky REI is here to help!

We try to make everyone feel comfortable selling their Willow Park, TX, home by providing a no-pressure environment where you are free to get an offer from us and shop around for other prices until you decide that we are the best Willow Park, TX, home buyer for you. We buy homes in any condition and it costs the seller (aka you) zero dollars to do so.  

How To Sell A House Fast In Willow Park, TX

You can’t get much quicker than 7-10 days! We’ll buy your Willow Park, TX house in as little as 7-10, which is usually how long it takes our title company & attorney to pull title work, get all documents in place and ensure you all are protected during the home selling process. 

Big Sky REI charges zero dollars to the seller. We pay for the closing costs, fees, and we do not charge commission (because remember, we aren’t agents 😉 ). We make it simple and easy to sell a house in Willow Park, TX. Plus, you do not have to repair or clean the house.  

Want your fair, competitive cash offer in as little as 24 hours? Give us a call at 817-904-3207 or fill out our form at the top of this page. It is free, fast, secure and easy.

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How Long Does It Take To Sell a House In Willow Park, TX?

Every market across the country varies in terms of how long a house may last on the MLS, but even in the hottest of markets, sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait 30, 60 or 90 days + the appraisal, inspection, open houses, list of repairs buyer demands, buyers asking for more money toward closing costs and everything else that comes with selling your house traditionally with an agent. 

If you want to get maximum, over-priced top dollar for your house then selling with an agent is your way to go (and we have a preferred agent in Willow Park, TX we’d be happy to connect you with). We can’t buy houses at the top of the market price because we have to be able to stay in business. 

But we offer speed, ease and a service like no other to Willow Park, TX home owners who want to sell a house fast for cash in Willow Park, TX. We’re going to make a fair, competitive offer on your house that will take into consideration us having to make repairs, list it ourselves after we’re done fixing it up, etc.

If you’ve been saying, “I need to sell my house fast Willow Park, TX,” then Big Sky REI is THE quickest way for you to sell your house for cash. 

What We Look At When We Make An Offer:




We make a fair offer for properties by looking at the home value of the property and the house values in the neighborhood. The overall condition and what necessary repairs will be needed to resell the house will all be factored into the offer that we make you.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1

Call or Submit Your Info

We set a time to meet with you and discuss your situation.

Step 2

Meet With Us At Your Home

We come see the property, then present you with a fair cash offer.

Step 3

Choose Your Closing Date

Close on your own schedule, whether as fast as possible closing or not.

Benefits of Getting An Offer From Us:

Cash Advance Before Closing

Need Cash FAST? Not a problem! Not only can we close quickly, but we can also pay you a cash advance BEFORE the closing!

Experienced & Caring Team

We’ve been buying and selling homes in Willow Park, TX, since 2015. We have an amazing team who truly loves what they do and loves helping people.

Specialized in Buying Inherited Homes

We can pay for Probate if needed. Many of the homes we buy were inherited from a friend or family member. We work with a dedicated Probate attorney who can handle the process professionally at no cost to you.

No Repairs or Cleaning Necessary

Sell your house “as-is” in ANY condition! No seller’s disclosure is needed when you sell to us, so you’re not held liable and can sell with peace of mind!

You Choose Your Move-Out Date

Do you need to stay in your home for a bit of time AFTER the closing? We can make that happen!

We Can Help You Move & Find a New Home

Need to find a new home to move to before the closing? Can do!

We can work around your schedule and close only when you are ready. It is fast, easy, and we are flexible. It is incredibly convenient to schedule an appointment and get a quote from us today. Did we mention that we buy your house as-is no matter the condition? 

Where Can I Sell A House For Cash In Willow Park, TX?

We can pay you cash within 10 days of making you an offer on your house. Instead of using financing which adds extra stress and time, we buy houses in cash which makes the process go by faster and smoother.  

If you want to sell your house fast in Willow Park, TX, with no stress, just remember that Big Sky REI is Willow Park, TX, #1 home buyer!

We buy houses in Willow Park

Seller Pays Zero

No Commission Fees

No Closing Costs

No Agent Fees

The best thing about Big Sky REI is that we are a company that cares about people. We give everyone equal treatment and opportunities. When you are tired of the hassle of owning your house, we are the fast and easy solution to all your problems.  

Big Sky Rei Cares

Helps families


Fair and honest

When a Favor Home Solutions team member says they are going to be there they always are. Our team treats everyone with equal respect. We are proud to help families handling the estate of a deceased parent, going through a divorce, and other big life changes.  

After having previous bad experiences trying to sell a home, many people who have sold their homes to Big Sky REI say they felt relieved when they found out how professional, reliable, and straight-forward we are. 

Call us at 817-904-3207 or fill out our online contact form and we will set up an appointment within a couple of days to make you an offer on your Willow Park, TX, home.